Lost in Stereo was a radio show, airing from Brooklyn, NY on Sundays at 1pm EST on WPIR Pratt Radio. 

My Spring 2019 season was about having people who inspire me on to share the music that’s inspired them + their journeys within the music (and tangential) industries. I love talking about music more than anything, and there’s no way better way to get to know someone than to ask about the first records that impacted them, or what’s on their guilty pleasures playlists.

Along with hosting, I got to create new assets to promote my show across my socials each week! Check them out below.


As someone I’ve admired for a decade it was an absolute honor to have Sierra Kay join me for my last (ever?) Lost in Stereo!! Sierra’s unabashedly herself – which just so happens to be a total badass. Be it through Versa(emerge), her work with PVRIS, or that one A Day to Remember song; it’s more than likely you’ve been struck by her talent.

Former host of Let’s Talk Music, now Let’s Talk with Scoggs on Idobi Radio, Sara Scoggs is the reason I wanted to get involved in radio to begin with. For nearly a decade she’s been crushin’ the music industry by way of LA and I’m so looking forward to talking about her journey + the music that’s inspired it!

No stranger to the radio, general manager of WMCX, Ali Nugent! Ali’s someone who truly amazes me with all she does (photography, booking, zine-making, baking) + just might be the funniest person ever. 

Photographer, fashionista, official Vans Girl™, all around cool cat + my friend, FLO. Listen in for a good convo about the return of the Jo Bros + moreeee.

MO truly amaze me with every new project they’re working on, including the newly launched fellowrockers.co — an incredible resource for musicians, mangers, bands, + fans alike. Basically it’s Mo’s world and we’re just living in it. It was wonderful to learn about the inner workings of building something brand new. 

Carly Butler is an awesome photographer, recent Nashville transplant, and oddly, owner of huge fan account for Hayley William’s dog, Alf. We talk about fan culture and respecting boundaries. And with many of my guests, the power of Paramore.

An incredible photographer, Maggie Friedman recently shot 8123 (for ROCK SOUND! (see above)), finished up as tour photographer for The Ones You Forgot, + is always in the pit capturing your fave artists. It was wonderful to have her on for a great conversation about mental health. 

thanks for viewing! ︎ drop me a line at stephanieobyrnee@gmail.com