Sleep On It “Disconnected”

When Equal Vision reached out to me about creating a music video for Sleep On It I was floored. With a little over a month to create my first full length video all on my own, I hit the ground running. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned it out and the response it got!

Click below to watch the video (which has now been viewed over 15k times!)

Directed / Animated / Illustrated
Equal Vision Records
    Sleep On It, 2018


Emo Night Brooklyn “Two Stupid Kids”

Thankful to the Emo Night Brooklyn guys for asking me to work on their first lyric video. This project was also accompanied by a backdrop video that plays during their live sets.
Directed / Animated / Illustrated
Emo Night Brooklyn, 2019

Emo Night Brooklyn “Breakdown x Breakaway”

Visualizer music video plus animated teasers for social media roll out:
Directed / Animated

Wild Ones “Dim the Lights” 
(personal project)

Directed / Animated / Illustrated
Just for fun! 2018

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