Stephanie O’Byrne

is an illustrator, animator, and designer living and working in Nashville, TN. AboutEmailInsta

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Stephanie O'Byrne animation design illustration nashville

Stephanie O’Byrne 

is an illustrator, animator, and creative director living and working in Nashville, TN.

︎ Animation
︎ Illustration
   ︎︎︎ Merchandise  
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  ︎︎︎ Murals
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After adding After Effects and animation to my skillset I’ve gone on to create over twenty music and lyric videos for artists ranging from diy artists to popstars. Below are examples of my skills as a director, illustrator, and animator creating full length music videos, as well as spotify canvases, instagram / giphy stickers, and instagram story ads for paid social.

Kississippi “Moonover”

Directed / Animated / Illustrated,  Bittersweet Media, 2021

Radiolab / WNYC “The Interferometer” 

Directed / Animated / Illustrated, 2022

VALE “oop” (feat. Kat Dahlia)

Directed / Animated / Illustrated, TAG, 2021

Band of Silver “Living Ghost”

Directed / Animated / Illustrated, 2022   

With Confidence “Paper”

Directed / Animated / Illustrated, first3 Agency, 2021

Izzy La Reina “BOY TOY”

Directed / Animated / Illustrated,  Good Soil Collective, 2021

Spotify Canvases

Giphy / Instagram Stickers

Editorial Animation

Diana Ross, Refinery29, 2018 
Joyce Manor’s “Cody.” 2018
Astronaut Day, 2018

Paid Social