Over the course of our senior year, myself and four friends set out to shake the hand of every student graduating from Pratt Institute. This resulted in Prattonia, the 2019 yearbook. 

Together we photographed and shook the hands of 405 students, designed a 196 page book, oversaw its production, and somehow made it out the other side.  

Being five students in the Communications Design concentration we questioned; how can we create a yearbook that reflects the entire school if we only know our small circle? This lead to the idea of handshakes, putting faces to names and creating personal moments. The book became a documentation of these experiences. 

My friends and fellow designers are  Aitana CantuHua Chen, Lulu Johnson, and Basia Kurlender.  Prattonia was advised by Inva Çota and printed by HighRoad Press in Moonachie, NJ. 

thanks! ︎